Hazardous Waste Management


At the Civil Engineering & Construction Consultancy Company we have the expertise and knowledge to advise your Project and Business in the safe removal, remediation and recycling of contaminated soils. We support our Clients in securing effective solutions to hazardous waste management by treatment rather than sending waste directly to landfill, safeguarding our Clients Project budget by minimising significant and costly landfill tax costs.

We are able to advise of cutting-edge treatment technology which enables you to recycle the materials produced by the cleaning processes. These materials may then be re-used within your Project or the construction industry sector saving you money.

Our objectives are to work with our clients to seek out the best viable option for their contaminated soil issues and to provide a cost effective solution that is good for the environment, sustainable and gives our client peace of mind.

We are able to employ a team of experienced and competent staff to oversee the scientific, advisory, operational, administrative and environmental compliance elements of the process. Contact us today to discuss your Hazardous Waste Management requirements