Health & Safety & Environmental Inspections, Auditing and Training


Contractor Competence Assessment

The definition of competence is an issue that has seen increased focus over recent years, especially following the introduction of the CDM Regulations 2007 and updated in CDM Regulations 2015..
An employer must be confident that an employee is deemed competent to enable him/her to undertake the task required.
Competence can be measured in a number of ways including qualifications, experience, ability to perform the task with the resources available etc.
Any person/company that employs or sub-contracts their work should take necessary steps to ensure that the sub-contractors have the necessary competence to undertake the work.
Larger companies are used to a process known as pre-qualification. This process will assess the systems a company has in place to deem competence.
Most pre-qualification procedures endeavour to evidence a health and safety culture within an organisation. In the case of a self employed person then it would endeavour to ascertain that the individual has an understanding of their responsibilities for their own, and others, health and safety along with the qualifications and experience to perform the tasks required of them.
The Civil Engineering & Construction Consultancy Company can pre-qualify a companies sub-contractors. This usually consists of the preparation of a relevant questionnaire which asks the contractor to provide information such as a copy of their health and safety policy and evidence of training, along with a couple of interactive scenarios that test the companies procedures and ability to undertake such paperwork as Method Statements and Risk Assessments.
We will assess the return and report easily our findings, which are detailed on a Microsoft Access database which can be kept updated.
Recommendations are made that may include a requirement for contractors to undertake formal training, or produce a health and safety policy (in accordance to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974).
Our recommendations will clearly outline the areas a company should improve so that the contractor can be employed ‘safely’ on future construction projects.
It is sometimes said “a contractors reputation is only as good as the sub-contractors he employs” – make sure your subbies are the best.