Health & Safety & Environmental Inspections, Auditing and Training


Contractors Health & Safety Audit

The Civil Engineering & Construction Consultancy Company’s Health and Safety Audit is a systematic approach to ensure compliance with current legislation related to health and safety at work, and is matched with 18001 standards and HSG 65 requirements. Our audit is a critical, in-depth examination of your organisation’s health and safety management system. The completed audit thus presented is fully documented, with recommendations and proposals to improve on the company position.
The audit is normally carried out on an annual basis and will provide you with a clear picture of your performance in terms of health and safety. Our audit will highlight all positive and negative aspects of health and safety at the work place, to help to identify, monitor and eradicate any potential health and safety risks associated with your organisation.
Our health and safety audit services should be used in the way best suited to your company’s organisation and activities. For some larger companies most sections of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act will be relevant, but for the majority, especially the smaller companies, it will be necessary to be selective.

Our audit system includes the following elements:

  • Your Health and Safety Policy document
  • How you organise for health and safety
  • How you plan for and control health and safety
  • How you monitor health and safety
  • How you review your health and safety system
  • Maintenance and building services related risks
  • Welfare issues
  • Storage and control of products
  • How you control general risks
  • How you control process risks

To help you prepare for the future, it may be helpful for you to know the following:
Audit dates will be notified and agreed well in advance, and will take into account other business reviews/activities or safety-significant factors.
The auditor will be selected by ourselves and agreed with the client.
Advance instructions will be sent to the client advising on the preparation and documentation required during the Audit process.
The length of time the auditor will be in a particular site is dependent on its size and complexity and can be from ½ day to 2 days.
The audit process will include interviews of individuals within the company.
At least one follow up visit may be made approximately 3 – 6 months post-audit, the purpose of which being to ensure that the action plan that has been produced to ensure that actions are being addressed.