Health & Safety & Environmental Inspections, Auditing and Training


Safe System of Work Review

Risk Assessments
In order to plan work safely it is necessary to prepare Risk Assessments.
Most companies activities are repetitive and generic Risk Assessments can be prepared outlining the hazards and the control measures necessary to reduce the risks.
Risk Assessments need to be site specific so generic Risk Assessments need to be modified to reflect the actual site conditions. Many companies have difficulty in preparing site specific risk assessments.
The Civil Engineering & Construction Consultancy Company prepares generic Risk Assessments and subsequently train the company to produce their own site specific Risk Assessments thereafter.
When assessing the competency of contractors on behalf of our clients we often request a copy of an example risk assessment. The reason for this request is to establish whether a contractor can undertake a risk assessment as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
It is not unusual for us to comment that a submission is “not in a recognised format”. This comment is often made because a contractor has simply listed a few “do’s and don’ts”. Inevitably this leads to the contractor asking exactly what a recognised format is.
To assist contractors who struggle with risk assessments we have included the following template which can be used to prepare generic risk assessments. Please remember though that site specific conditions should always be considered when preparing risk assessments.
Method Statements
Difficult and dangerous work often requires detailed Method Statements which outline the correct and safe way to carry out the work. Some contractors may need help with producing these Method Statements.
We can assist such companies by preparing the Method Statement on their behalf. Alternatively we carry out specific training for individuals who will need to write any future Method Statements.