Health & Safety & Environmental Inspections, Auditing and Training


Site Safety Inspections on behalf of the Contractor:

Whilst a contractor will endeavour to keep the site tidy and maintain all equipment to the necessary standards it often happens that the operatives, working under pressure, will try to take a short cut. Poor housekeeping and lack of appropriate equipment often results in costly accidents.
The Civil Engineering & Construction Consultancy Company attend site on behalf of the contractor to report on the site conditions. This report helps to assist the site management in attaining and maintaining a safe site.
Many contractors ask us to attend the site within the initial few days of setting up site. Our assistance ensures that all the necessary documentation is in place and that the site welfare conditions are set up in accordance to legislation.
At strategic phases of the project we may be asked to attend site again. We always attend site without prior notice so that we can report on the true condition of the site. This enables the contractor to see how successful his health and safety culture is.
Health and safety is not just extra paperwork – it’s a culture that should be adopted to reduce (or negate) the risk of accidents or death.
Our reports are issued on site, in a hand-written format. These reports are to be acted upon immediately by the site foreman.
An inspection is not just looking around the workplace, it includes the inspection of documents required by health and safety legislation such as risk assessments and certificates concerning the testing of equipment.

A typical inspection will cover the following areas:

  • Housekeeping
  • Safe storage, use, transportation and disposal of chemicals
  • Fire precautions
  • Electrical safety
  • First aid provisions
  • Lifting activities
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Personal protective clothing
  • Slip, trip and fall hazards
  • Welfare facilities
  • Workplace conditions